3 Benefits to More Collaboration in Your Business

Karine Parthenais
Group of people at desks while one person is at a whiteboard explaining a project

I can’t believe it’s time to finally share the new look and experience of The Co. Lab online. It’s been months of work for our web and design team to make it all happen, and I’m so grateful for every labmate’s contribution to make it come to life. Without their skills, I’m not sure we could have pulled it off the way we did. And like every project we work on at the lab, our success came down to collaboration.

The Co. Lab has benefited from collaboration since its inception in May 2019. When I could no longer assist my clients with executing their strategic plans on my own, I called on some of my favourite creatives to bring their visions to life. Suddenly, a burden had been lifted off my shoulders. The shoulders of clients too.

It didn’t take long to realize the future success of The Co. Lab depended on growing a team that was far more talented than I ever was all on my own. I was thirsty for knowledge and on a mission to find more people who could contribute to our community.

As a result, we have greatly benefited from seeing each other as individuals who are a single piece of a large puzzle, and now I’d like you to consider how you can benefit from the same approach.

Here are 3 benefits you can look forward to in your business if you can begin to embrace collaboration:

Innovative Thinking

When you assemble to brainstorm on a particular project or challenge in your business, you’ll be surprised to see what can come from a conversation within your team. Not every thought will be a gem, but collectively, you’ll be able to build off an idea, and you’re likely to get to a solution faster than on your own.

As the leader of your organization, you’ll want to check your ego at the door and embrace that your team members have knowledge outside of your skillset, and you should leverage those for collective growth.

You’ll want to have an open mind and a team-centric approach to lean into this.

More Knowledgeable Teams

When your team works together, they are constantly learning from one another. Not only will they have a better understanding of how each of their roles plays into the equation, but they’ll also acquire new skills from their collective goals. Suddenly, they’ll be thinking ten steps ahead and how each of their actions will play a rippling effect within your business.

This kind of mindset brings a new way of thinking to the forefront. They’ll be far more in tune with their strengths and weaknesses, and as a good leader, you’ll want to work on growing through that learning process with them.

You’ll need to encourage thoughtful processes that positively impact your team to benefit from this mindset shift.

Better Customer Experience

When you can task-specific to-do items on your list to collaborators or employees who have a particular set of skills, you’re allowing each one of them to focus where they excel. That likely means a faster turnaround time, a better product delivery, and an overall better experience for your client. And we all know what can come of good experiences; quality referrals.

While there is a great benefit to marketing plans and social media strategies, the truth is there is no bigger influence in the buying process than those who have experienced your product or service firsthand. When your team puts their heads together to tackle a project flawlessly, everyone benefits, and that’s how you gain raving fans.

You’ll need to embrace letting go and delegating to fully benefit from this collaborative approach.

We can all get further by working together, but that requires leaving your ego at the door, an open mind, and big picture thinking. If you can lean into collaboration, not only will your clients and community experience gain, but you’ll begin to feel less burdened by the heaviness of entrepreneurship.

The goal should always be to work for yourself, but never by yourself. And there’s no better way to begin growing trust and a sense of camaraderie within your team than with collaboration.

If you’re not sure where to start on building a more collaborative workflow, connect with me to learn more about working together to help you reach that goal.

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