4 Ways To Better Prepare for The Next Crash

The Co. Lab Project Manager looking at website

Did you freak out when Facebook and Instagram shut down for almost an entire day? I know many of you did, so here's what you can do to be ready when it inevitably happens again.

How much weight are you putting on social?

I've been working with, for, or as a small business owner for over a decade, so I know how many of you put all of your time and energy into creating content to share on your social feeds. However, I don't see many focusing on all of the other effective ways to get customers, build brand awareness, and remain accessible online.

Crashes, as we experienced with Facebook and Instagram, help us see that we can't put all of our eggs in one basket and that we must diversify.

Here are a few ways I think you can do just that.

1. Audit how you're connected to your community

Take the time to review all of the points of contact you have with your customers and community. How could people find you to inquire about your product or service if social media didn't exist?  If your list starts and ends with social platforms, it may be time to start looking at new ways for your people to learn and connect with you.

2. Make sure your website is up to snuff

I'm in the business of digital marketing, so when I tell you that your website can be one of your best investments, I'm not kidding. Clean up those sales pages, test your CTAs, invest in top copy and imagery to make the most of your web tool. If you don't invest in yourself, why should someone invest in you?

3. Work on that email list

I know you've heard it a million times before, but it's true. Email lists are severely under utilized by small business owners, but are often what make the best impact. Find a rhythm and be consistent with your delivery. And stop worrying that you're being spammy, if someone's signed up, they're likely waiting to hear from you!

4. Keep tabs on your Google My Business Page

Do you even have a Google My Business Page? If not, drop everything now and do it! This is a free way for existing and potential clients to gain easy access to you. Not only will this help with searchability on Google, it will allow you to keep up to date hours and links for customers to find you.

Ready to take these steps, but don't want to do it on your own?

I would love the opportunity to share with you what our team can do to help! Schedule a call and let's chat! Think you'll implement some of the above but still need help with social? Check out how to Increase Your Organic Reach Through Facebook and Instagram Stories by my pal, Hannah.

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