Answering Your Frequently Asked Questions About Hosting an Engaging Instagram Live Event

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Knowing how to engage your audience on Instagram can be tricky. Luckily, we've rounded up a few tips and tricks that you can leverage to create engaging Instagram Live events that will captivate your audience at just the right time. 

Here’s how to get started: 

Include a Special Guest 

Including a special guest in your Instagram Live is a great way to draw new eyes to your content. Whether it be an employee from your team or an influencer from your industry of choice, including a special guest in your Instagram Live helps to build excitement and garner more attention. 

Maybe you’re a hair stylist and you want to host an Instagram Live event with an awesome stylist from your community? Or maybe, you’re a small business ecosystem and you want to host a bookkeeper that can provide additional support to your community? Hosting an engaging Instagram Live event is a great way to provide additional support to your community while simultaneously strengthening relationships within your personal network. 

Promote Your Instagram Live Beforehand 

Like any good marketing initiative, it’s imperative to do ample promotion before your Instagram Live. Communicating your Live date to your followers or potential new customers is a great way to build excitement before the event takes place. 

Instagram Live campaigns should be treated and promoted the same way a live event would be. You’ll want to make sure your audience knows when the event is taking place, how they sign-up or attend, and what they can expect to learn or gain from the event. You can promote your Instagram Live by leveraging your other social media channels or sending out an email to your mailing list. 

Engage with Your Guests During the Event 

Hosting an Instagram Live provides you with a unique opportunity to engage with your audience in real-time. One of the best parts about Instagram Live is the feature that enables guests to communicate with you in real-time with the chat feature. If you’re hosting a Live in your respective industry or niche, consider hosting an AMA or “Ask Me Anything Segment” where your audience can submit questions in advance or during the Live that you can answer to create an engaging and informative event. 

Go Live at an Event or Conference

Your Instagram Live doesn’t have to be a methodical planned out video where you run off a script. Some of the most captivating Instagram Lives happen on the fly. It’s not to say you haven’t notified your audience in advance, but it may mean that you take advantage of your surroundings and host an Instagram Live when opportunity knocks. 

If you want to take your Instagram Live to the next level, consider hosting it from an industry event. Are you attending a conference with a speaker that you think your audience would love to hear from? Hop on your IG Live and give them a sneak peek. Or maybe, you’re hosting a party or fundraiser on behalf of your business? Going live during these authentic moments is a great way to engage your community while letting them see the human element of your brand. 

Go Live When Your Followers are Most Active 

Going Live when your followers are most active is one of the easiest ways to make your Instagram Live event a success. Knowing when your audience is most active on Instagram is half the battle. If you do a quick google search and find that your demographic is most active on Saturday mornings, then that’s when you should go live! If you spend all of your time and resources preparing for the event,  you will want to make sure you’re doing it when your audience is most apt to see it and engage with it. 

End with a CTA 

Ending your Instagram Live with a call to action that relates back to your main objective is imperative. Whether it be following your account on Instagram, subscribing to your newsletter for updates, or simply providing feedback on the event, your main goal should be to wrap up the event by getting all attendees to complete a desired action. 

Before we end, let’s move into a few common questions that may arise when hosting an Instagram Live. 

1.     Can I restrict who sees my Instagram Live? 

The answer is yes! Instagram gives you the option to limit who sees your Instagram Live stream which can be a great feature if you wish to disengage a pesky follower. To take advantage of this setting, simply tap the camera in the top left corner then top the settings or gear icon in the top left corner. Then navigate to the Hide Story option and choose who you want to hide from your Instagram Live. 

On the flip side, you can also choose to show your Instagram Live to a select audience which is an excellent tool if you’re looking to add an element of exclusion to your event. To take advantage of this feature, simply tap the Close Friends option and choose the guests that you would like to include.

2.     Can I turn off the comments on my Instagram Live?

The comments section of your Instagram Live is a great way to engage your audience but it can also be a distraction to you as the host. If you wish to turn off the comments on your Instagram Live, simply tap the three dots in the chat box on your Instagram Live and select Turn Off Commenting. 

3.     How can I answer questions on Instagram Live? 

There are multiple ways that you can answer questions during your Instagram Live. You can choose to ask questions on your other social media channels and compile them and answer them during the event, you can enable comments on your Instagram Live and answer questions in real-time, or you can do it within Instagram by using the questions sticker feature. 

If you wish to ask questions within Instagram that can be shared during your event, simply create an Instagram Story post with a questions sticker prompting your audience to ask their questions and access them via the questions button during your Instagram Live. 

4.     Where can I find my Instagram Live video? 

After your Instagram Live has finished, you will have the option to save and share the video to your Instagram Story. From your Instagram Story, you can proceed to save the video in case you want to use it for marketing collateral at a later date. Additionally, you can re-watch the video and identify areas that can be improved during future Instagram Live events! 

Need help on social media? 

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