Struggling to Create Content for Your Small Business? Here Are 9 Ideas:

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Social media is an extremely powerful tool. If used correctly, it can make a world of difference for your small business. Coming up with content ideas or content pillars is arguably one of the most difficult elements when it comes to creating a content calendar for your small business. You’re also a busy business owner which means you may not always have the time and energy you need to inject into a proper social media strategy. Managing your online presence and posting consistently may seem like a massive headache, especially when you’re already strapped for time. Luckily, we’ve taken the time to outline 9 ideas that you can use to populate your content calendar. 

Struggling to create content? Here’s how you can get started: 

Create a Consistent Series

One great idea can be translated into an entire content series. If you’re noticing that one type of content is performing suspiciously well, consider turning it into a recurring series where you share a variation of that content every day, week, or month. The frequency is completely up to you, and you can adjust it depending on how receptive your audience is. 

Do you own a salon? Consider sharing a weekly tip for keeping your hair healthy in-between cuts. Are you a realtor? Consider sharing a monthly market recap at the end of each month. The options are endless and can be customized to accommodate your industry or area of expertise. 

Host a Contest or Giveaway 

Not only is running a contest or giveaway a great content ploy that will help you fill up your content calendar, but it’s also a great way to engage your audience. Hosting a contest or giveaway is super simple. Simply create a set of guidelines, curate a captivating image, and post the rules on your most active social media platforms. Before you know it, you’ll have an engaging post in your feed that will be sure to capture your audience’s attention! 

Launch an AMA

An AMA or an “Ask me Anything” post or prompt is essentially a tool that you can use to let your expertise shine. If you’ve been looking for a way to educate your audience on a specific product or subject matter, hosting an AMA is the perfect tool. You can host an AMA on the platform of your choice, but they’ve proven to be particularly popular on platforms like TikTok, Facebook, or Instagram where you can engage your audience on a live stream.

Prepping for an AMA is easy. You can start by choosing a time that you will be available to answer your audiences’ questions and proceed to announce the event on your social media channels. If you’re looking for something more ad hoc- consider going live on your platform of choice and seeing where the interaction takes you. 

Post a Tutorial or How-To 

Posting educational content is a great way to engage your audience and your audience will ultimately be much more inclined to engage and follow your online journey if you’re prioritizing sharing helpful and informative content. If you’re an expert or thought leader in your industry, consider sharing weekly tips, or insights. Offering your expertise will help you build credibility while providing value to your audience.

Run a Social Media Takeover 

Do you remember when you were younger, and your favourite star made a guest appearance on your most-loved TV show? Running a social media takeover is the exact same concept! Running a social media takeover essentially means that you will hand over the key to one of your social accounts to a credible social media personality or thought leader in your industry of choice. Allowing someone to take over your social platforms or more specifically your Instagram account is a great way to offer added value, boost engagement, and increase your reach. 

Share a Major Milestone 

Are you celebrating one year of entrepreneurship? Maybe you’re a real estate agent and you just sold a home for way over asking! No matter what the accomplishment may be, sharing your major milestones on social media is a great way to make your audience feel like they’re part of your journey. 

Highlight User Generated Content 

Reposting user generated content is a great way to fill up your content calendar and an even between way to engage your audience. Has one of your users posted a stellar review? Share it on your social feed! Has someone shared an image or a video featuring one of your products? Ask their permission to share it on your platforms and go wild! 

Whether you use a social listening tool to gather content that mentions your small business or monitor your notifications for a post by a follower, capturing user generated content has never been easier. Sharing user generated content and highlighting your followers is a great way to celebrate your online community. 

Mark Your Calendar 

Marking your calendar and zeroing in on holidays and national days of celebration will ensure your brand is relevant. Not only that, but it will also help you tick off dates on your content calendar as you begin to fill them out with posts that reflect these days.  

National coffee day? Share a list of your favourite local coffee shops to spread awareness for other small business owners! National dog day? Prompt your audience to share a photo of their precious pooch in the comments section of your post! Curating posts for holidays and national days of celebration is a great way to remain relevant and it may even help you fill in holes in your content calendar. 

Shine a Spotlight on Your Team 

Shining a spotlight on core members of your team is a great way to introduce your audience to the people behind the scenes. Creating a weekly or monthly segment that introduces your employees is a great way to show appreciation for your staff and it’s also an excellent piece of content that you can rotate throughout your content plan. 

Start Creating Content That Resonates 

The most difficult part of creating a content calendar is coming up with content pillars or segments that you can recycle on a weekly basis. After you’ve determined what each one of your content segments are going to be, you can begin to fill out your content calendar with content that resonates. Creating a solid content calendar that enables you to post consistent, quality content on social media helps you get your intended message in front of your desired audience while remaining consistent, relevant, and present. 

Each content pillar that we’ve outlined above can be used as a segment of your content calendar so you can begin to map out your social media strategy. If you aren’t sure where to start, you can check out this blog where we outline 6 social media tips that will help your small business thrive. 

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