Vintage photo of the old ice cream hut at Archie's

Putting Family Fun back into the business

Receiving an inquiry from Archie’s was exciting for our entire team. Memories of first dates, family outings, and ice cream with friends on their grounds have a special place in the hearts of many who have a history of visiting their family playground. The opportunity to give their brand a new look and identify the proper web solution was a dream for our entire team.

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Retro Vibes

Based on the discoveries of our strategy session, we focused on retro elements that were both modern, fresh, and that screamed fun. It was also important to Carol Ann, the owner of the family-focused golf spot, to stay true to the history. The site needed to function as a space to showcase their offerings and eventually help them sell passes and merchandise online.

Getting the ball rolling

We launched their new site with a vintage feel thanks to photos collected from years ago, and we repurposed them in black and white for effect. The new brand elements brought it all together, and thanks to our design team, we followed through on all of their marketing materials, signage, game cards, and more!

Archie's shirts

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