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More than an Engineering Firm

An impromptu meeting with the EVB management team turned into an opportunity to transform the way this diverse and talented team looked online. They were looking to invest in new photography to brand up their existing website, but after further discussions, we learned they were not thrilled with the look and flow of their web tool.

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Expertise paired with approachability

Our focus was to create an online space that showcased their technical abilities with project proof, while conveying that this engineering team was just as approachable as they are knowledgeable. We did that with proper service descriptions, project pages, and updated team photography.

Creating their new brand perception

Luckily for our team, they came to us with branding assets that were so well executed it made designing a new web concept a breeze. We combined stand out photography, drone footage and high quality headshots with slick animations and a user friendly layout across their fully customized website.

We also provided them with professional templates for technical memos, project presentations and more. All easily accessible on their professional Canva account for ease of use and brand consistency.

EVB Engineering Office Building

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