The Happy Popcorn Co. Logo with text underneath that reads "Fresh Gourmet Popcorn"

Creating a Poppin' Good Brand

When we received the call to get on board with the launch of The Happy Popcorn Company, we were thrilled! We live for this kind of project because it allows us to be playful with words, colours, and photography. We vowed to put our hearts into this project the same way Kristin and Bill did when conceptualizing their business idea, creating a workplace for their son Jack, who is on the Autism spectrum + build a business inclusive of those with disabilities.

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The Happy Popcorn Co.







Oh, the pop'ortunities

The goal was to create a fun online platform to support their brick and mortar store while showcasing their unique candy treats, retro snacks, and of course, popcorn. We focused on a one-page concept to stay true to budget and their immediate goals of getting online before their store opening. Eventually, they integrated a Square site for online purchases to integrate with their POS and get them selling online during the pandemic.

A Sweet Launch

We finished with a new platform that was everything they wanted and needed to launch. We stayed true to their story with words from our copywriter that touched on their story brilliantly and amped up their popcorn logo vibes with playful photography that’s fun for all ages. We’re excited about what’s to come for this poppin’ company.

Woman holding a bag of popcorn as more popcorn falls from above

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